The most important part of minecraft is to survive the night

Building a HouseEdit

The first thing you would want to do is collect wood, by chopping the the wood from the tree's. After having a good amount of wood ( 30 blocks ) use the crafting part of your inventory to make wooden planks to build a crafting table. You should make your house in a square shape so that it will be easy to construct and take down ( Once your past the first night you can build whatever you want ).

Once you've built a house about 4 blocks high, build a roof over it so it complete and no creature can get in.


Alternate Underground OptionEdit

What most players do ( It is not complicated ) is build a underground cave network ( or it can be simple as just making a hole about 3 blocks down ) , this option is the second most secure place to build a shelter ( the first being a house in the air ) the quickest way of surviving the first night is to dig a hole 3 blocks down and cover the top block and you will be safe from most creatures.

Bed OptionEdit

Some Players quickly collect some wood, make a crafting table, kill 3 sheep, and make a bed. Like that you can escape night and no creatures would appear untill you stay up.


On the first night you are most likely going to encounter a creature known as the creeper, the creeper may be a icon for minecraft but the reason for that is that creepers are one of the most dangerous of all the creatures in minecraft ( other being the Enderman ).

Their are only 3 ways of surviving a creepers

  • You must make a structure complete with no entrances so the creepers can't see you, use this method for only the first few nights.
  • The second is to create a Sword or a type of axe to kill them before they get close to you, the most effective weapon against a creeper is a bow 'n arrow which you can kill a creeper from long range.
  • The last method is to just run...